Thursday, 29 December 2016

29th December 2016 Newsletter, class changes for 2017

Last of the year!

Please find the link to our most recently newsletter sharing details about class changes, price changes and more updates. Quite an important one so please do have a read.

TL;DR Version - Update for January 2017:
More info in link above
- Class prices will be changing and block booking discount features added.
- Classes should start back up on the 4th January.
- Email will follow over the next day or two for last beginner course attendees regarding place payments

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Latest Newsletter, what you missed!

Please find below the link to our most recent newsletter sent out last week to subscribers.

Remember those who have signed up to the newsletter (via the bottom of any page of our website) will be THE FIRST to receive important news, updates and offers. Scroll down to the bottom of the website and click the "subscribe to newsletter" button.

Enjoy reading: What a cracker! 2016 end of the year update!

Updates regarding new classes, class start dates, beginners course results and more will be heading out over the Christmas break!

Merry Christmas from us and have a great time! - Brad @ SP

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

28th November '16: Winter Class Changes and end of year dates.

Hi all, hope you're all out moving regardless of the colder weather sinking in! A few things to update you on moving into December.

Saturday morning adult 'beginner' classes will no longer be running for the rest of 2016 and due to start back up in 2017. A new provision will be established shortly.

Please find below the final class dates for 2016 for our weekly classes:

Tuesday Tiny Traceurs Class: 13th December
Thursday Foundations: 15th December
Friday Foundations/Intermediates: 16th December
Wednesday Adult Outdoor: 21st December

Details will follow about the 2017 schedule, re-start dates, changes and special offers over the Holiday break!

Many thanks and thanks for joining us for another great year, Brad @ SP.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

22nd November '16: No Friday classes this week.

Hi all!

Apologies but there will be no classes running this Friday (25th November)owing to another commitment which cannot be rescheduled. Forgot to mention in the business of last Friday!

All bookings made for the 25th Nov will be carried over to the next unbooked week unless otherwise requested. If you wish for an alternative transfer/refund, please message us before Friday 25th Nov '16.

Apologies for the change, we'll see you the following week. please make any other parents you know who attend aware.

Brad @ SP

Monday, 7 November 2016

7th November '16: New beginners course booking now available.

Yesterday, we sent out a newsletter for all subscribers with advanced links for booking the next available beginners course and now here's your chance!

The next Junior Beginners Course starts 7pm, Tuesday 22nd November at Southend High School for girls. This cohort has been condensed from 6 weeks into 5, with the 5th and final week being a longer session to finish before the Christmas break. 

Beginners courses are mandatory for all new students to gain a basic level of understanding about Parkour, movements and how to train in our classes. This will take place on a rolling basis but you will have to wait for the next once the current course has started/fully booked!

To cater for the high demand of our courses, evident from full bookings on each course since starting this specific provision, we are using a larger indoor venue and have increased the course size to accommodate for the need.

Details and booking is now live for all can be found here:

Missed the newsletter? Subscribe here:

CHANGES TO THIS WEEK: Due to a training course in London, Brad will be unable to take the Tiny Traceurs Class this week, any booked spaces will be transferred to the next available week by default. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Friday, 21 October 2016

21st October 2016 - October Half Term

Quick update, with the exception of our Tiny Traceurs Class, ALL weekly classes are scheduled to run as normal.

In Summary:

Monday Beginners Class at Hadleigh: 6pm til 7:30pm

Tuesday Tiny Traceurs - Chalkwell Hall Junior: NOT RUNNING - SORRY

Wednesday Adult Outdoor - Southend: 7pm til 9pm

Thursday Foundations at Temple Sutton: 6pm til 7:15pm

Friday Foundations and Intermediates 5:45pm til 7pm and 7:15pm til 8:30pm

Saturday Adult Beginners at Hadleigh Park - 9am til 10:30am

We will also be running DAYTIME options through and at Hadleigh Park on Thursday 27th - Visit the following link to book and join me for a good few hours of FUNctional challenge and movement! Limited spaces available. 

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

19th Oct '16: No Wednesday class today.

There will be no adult class running tonight, please accept our apologies and we'll see you next week!

Monday, 10 October 2016

10th October 2016: No Tiny Traceurs this week

There will be no Tiny Traceurs class running this week (on the 11th october 2016). Apologies for any inconvenience caused. Any bookings made will be carried over to the next available week unless requested.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused. If you have any further questions please email 

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

28th Sept '16: Newsletter sent!

We've just sent out our current newsletter for our subscribers! if you've signed up but havn't seen it in your inbox, add to your "safe list" or check your spam folder and ensure we're not in there!

Here's a direct link to the newsletter:

Subscribe to our newsletter here: 

Friday, 23 September 2016

23rd September 2016: Don't hate; Educate - The Horsham "Ban".

For those of you who may not be aware, Horsham Council has moved to "Ban" Parkour in Horsham based on accusations of trespass, damage and disrespect to its public spaces, namely low roofing in the area. Below are a few articles to read around this news. (Please note news sources often describe Parkour inaccurately, so take things with a pinch of salt)

I just wanted to comment on a few aspects of this issue, sharing my views of 12 years of personal practice, coaching and community building and guiding within the Parkour scene in the UK.

This blog post goes out to Traceur and non-practitioner alike to help shed some perspective and hopefully help us collectively come to some middle ground and mutual understanding.

1. Respect for the environment:

Parkour is a practice to help individuals overcome obstacles with movement, developing skills and understanding to improve oneself. - Obstacles and environments are an integral part of our discipline, without them we do not grow, develop, learn, engage, make choices etc. The UK community (as the vast majority) has always sung from the same sheet in that we look after the spaces we use. Damage can and may occur, even in respectful practice, but we do all we can to "leave no trace" and where possible make the space cleaner to be enjoyed not ruined.

I'll call it outright here, if you aren't working with the spaces you are using, treating them with respect (ultimately they are helping YOU improve, learn and grow) but sorry, that's not Parkour. You wouldn't slap someone in the face for doing you a kind thing or teaching you something, don't do it to the spaces you are in.

To me, accessing roofing to "train" or move across is an unnecessary height risk, trespass which obviously brings negative links to whatever you are doing - Parkour or not (Unless you own the space you are on). From a common sense aspect... roofing is generally not built for humans to be jumping and landing on, putting yourself at further risk of damage to self and property.

It's quite clear what practitioners should and shouldn't be doing, non-Parkour organisations need to take care not to tar everyone with the same brush. Parkour groups, organisations and individuals on the other hand, do need to consider their actions and the messages they propagate. Parkour can be very effectively practiced low, at ground level... those with social reach and a wide audience, need to remember that they are looked up to and set the example that others may follow. We can all indirectly, negatively impact other's understanding by what, where and how we do what we do.

You can't control how people perceive your actions but you can do small things to help them not get the wrong end of the stick. If you take steps to reduce the chance that people could take your message badly, you've at least done something and this is something we try to do with our content and coaching. We try to ensure that people understand what they're doing, not just encouraging/engaging an interest with little or no further guidance.

2. Parkour is PRO-SOCIAL.

The Horsham "ban" has been procured under a Public Space Protection Order, on grounds of antisocial behaviour.... Really...?

The above link documents photos of our, first-hand experience of communities from across the UK and Europe coming together, regardless of gender, race, age or background; sharing their own experiences for the greatest collective good.

This, ultimately has lead to an NGB establishment, coaching qualifications, formal recognition as a practice in it's own right (or very soon at least) and THOUSANDS of lives improved and brought together by movement.

We learn together, support each other and has been the ethos of Parkour's inception, be strong to be useful; having skills and using them for the benefit of others.

3. Criminalising physical activity.

Get Active, Change 4 Life, This Girl Can, Sportivate and Get Britain Standing are just a few national campaigns to encourage people to be more physical. This part of the "ban" is by far one of the most ridiculous aspects of using the PSPO in my opinion.

I understand the need to do something, I personally agree that IF people are damaging property and this can be adequately evidenced that certain individuals or groups are in fact responsible, then I'm all for the council doing SOMETHING and short time, this may make a positive impact in terms of protecting property and spaces. This is one of the main criticisms from the local Horsham Parkour community, is that it isn't practitioners but others who access places in a disrespectful manner.

Physical inactivity is a growing epidemic, costing the Council, NHS, Government and us all billions in taxes. Anything we can do to make people more active, more self sufficient and in ways that cost very little money (Parkour is a cheap practice), we should be bending over backwards to accommodate and develop, over ban and isolate..


As much as the news has quoted another person who has quoted £36,000 worth of damage, to what extent is this price tag other potential factors which damage property, heavy rain, extreme heat or cold, high winds and time. Older properties with older materials require updating with time and this does come with a price tag.

To put a blanket ban on Parkour in an area has happened before in places across the UK, this isn't the first, but this is the first (from my research and awareness) that a PSPO has been used specifically targeting Parkour. Parkour benefits in terms of social development, individual improvement (physical, mental and emotional), economic (as Parkour coaching and organisations find their place in a business context) and philosophically. As Dr Julie Angel shared via her interview with the BBC, we need to have the discussion about how we interact with our spaces, how they are designed.... and this is where the problem seems to lay in my opinion.

Rather than educating, communicating with communities (a pro-social activity) a Council has made a possibly rash decision from a narrow viewpoint and avoiding something to try and make it a solution.

Instead of understanding the many benefits Parkour and Parkour communities can offer the WIDER community, criminalising a mostly caring, considerate and respectful group of people who believe in sharing and supporting others through positive and self-developing activities.

I'm aware that Parkour UK are working to create this dialogue and ensure a greater level of understanding from all sides of the "issue" and come to a positive solution for all.

Monday, 5 September 2016

September 5th 2016 - Term Time Schedule is LIVE!

Our schedule for September 2016 term is now available for booking! There may be a few tweaks and additions to follow this week but this is the bulk of it! The attached image shows this week (from 5th September) with all junior classes starting back up from the 13th September.

Remember, all new students must attend the beginners course unless specified by the coaching team! (Emails to follow for the just-finished beginners cohort

Still to come: 
Start dates/location for Southend Junior Beginners Class/Course
Start dates Hadleigh Junior Foundations Classes

Details for any classes which you might be waiting on (as specified above) will be shared as soon as they're up! Look forward to seeing our regulars and newer faces at a class soon!

Our newsletter also went out with extra details and news, you can read it here and sign up to our mailing list on the right hand side of this blog page. 

Good luck back at school (Parents included!)

Thursday, 1 September 2016

September 1st 2016: We're almost there!

Apologies for the slight delay in having the September Term Time Schedule up and out to you. We will definitely be live by this weekend (latest) and available for booking.
So far we can confirm:
Adult (16+) There will be no changes to the adult classes on a Weds or Sat.
Junior Classes:
Friday night classes will remain at St Bernard's both brought forward by 15 minutes. (Foundations starting at 5:45pm and Intermediates at 7:15pm).
Tuesday night Tiny Traceurs classes will remain at 5-6pm at Chalkwell Hall Junior School for ages 5-7 years.
There will be new weekly classes opening up at Hadleigh Park for at least Junior Beginners and Foundations levels ages 8-15 years.
Keep posted via this page, our news page via the website and subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you don't miss out! Please hold out for the new schedule and newsletter which will explain it all  - Thanks

Monday, 22 August 2016

22nd August. September schedule to follow - Not quite ready yet!

We've lots of enquiries about September Term classes and schedule. 

We'll be releasing our updated schedule for booking over the next few weeks, so to avoid missing out please subscribe to our newsletter (via the bottom of any page of our website) and check back regularly via our news page for updates.

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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

17th August 2016 - Why (Scott Jackson) hates trampoline parks!

Scott Jackson over at TRAIN HARD Parkour and Freerunning has said something via this blog which needs saying and we are wholeheartedly behind the information and points raised via this blog regarding a large number of tramp-parks.
It's a tough thing having another example of Parkour being exploited and misrepresented so regularly with these spaces. Have a read and see what you think!
The concerning things for us a coaches and responsible Parkour practitioners is that, once again Parkour is potentially being taken for a ride, to earn a few places a quick buck, muddying the waters further as to what it is we ACTUALLY do...
We're already and STILL combating the: "Do a backflip", "That's Dangerous", "You shouldn't be doing that", "You must hurt yourself a lot", statements from individuals who don't know any better. 
Whether you're a Parkour student, parent of, or just someone who KNOWS more about what Parkour is and isn't, we need to make our voices heard, fight the good fight and educate further for future generations.
Head over to the blog here:

Monday, 15 August 2016

15th August 2016: Summer Update

Summer is well underway and we've had a fantastic turn out at Hadleigh and Across Southend for our summer classes, plenty of new faces at our beginners classes in particular which is great to see.

September Term-Time Schedule will be confirmed and available for booking over the next couple of weeks so don't panic, we're not due to start back up until the week starting 12th September. There may be a few changes to junior class scheduling compared to the 15/16 term so watch this space!

Adult Outdoor Classes this week will not be running both Wednesday or Saturday (17th and 29th August) This is due to time-constraints of an impending move of the Southend Parkour base of operations! 

Apologies for any inconvenience, any bookings made will be refunded for this week's adult classes.

We hope you've been enjoying our classes, if you've not done so already, please leave us some reviews via facebook and google, sharing your experience with us.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Tuesday 9th August: No Tiny Traceurs Class today, :(


Due to unforeseen circumstances there will be no 5-7 years class at Chalkwell Junior School.

All bookings will be transfered to next week unless specified. Please accept our apologies, enjoy the lovely weather and see you next week!

Monday, 18 July 2016

18th July '16: Summer Update!

Hi all, real quick update to restate the summer schedule details and add a little more information which will continue through/on to our social media sites and classes/booking page of the website shortly.

Please remember: During our Hadleigh Park Classes, the Parkour area will be closed to the general public for the duration of the class.

We have class changes/additions from the 23rd July with summer schedule officially launching on the 27th July: See below for details:

From the 23rd July:

Saturday: Adult (16+) Beginners Class at Hadleigh Park - 9am start 

NEW WEEKLY CLASS continuing past summer!

From the 27th July:

Wednesday 27th July:
Adult (16+) Outdoor Class - Southend -7pm - Meet at Southend Vic (As usual)

Thursday 28th July:
Hadleigh Park Sessions - Book via: (Booking available soon)

Friday 29th July: 
- Junior Beginners (8-15 years) - Hadleigh Park, 10am.
- Junior Foundations (8-15 years) - Hadleigh Park 12pm (Must have been invited by coach from beginners)

- Junior Intermediates (8-15 years) - Meeting at Southend Civic Centre 2:30pm (Must have been invited by coach from beginners/foundations)

From Tuesday 2nd August:
- ParkLives with Active Southend - "Parkour in the Park" - 10:30am - Chalkwell Park (Targeting ages 12-24) 
- Tiny Traceurs (5-7) Chalkwell Hall Junior School -  From 1:30pm - 

Except for our adult classes, all other classes will cease by the 3rd September and our Term Time schedule will start back up on the week commencing 12th September 2016

Friday, 1 July 2016

1st July 2016 - Key Information Graphic, Summer 2016

Wanted to put the key information regarding summer into one image/post for you to see, booking NOW available via

Don't forget - Save 15% of summer schedule classes when you book 4 or more classes via the booking system, block booking tutorial available at the top of the booking system.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

29th June - Summer, sessions and savings.

We've just sent out an important newsletter update with details regarding our summer schedule which is now available for booking and some other important news about a few class changes over this and next week.

Click here to view and read it online! -

Don't forget, you can save 15% on across our range of summer classes when booking 4 or more classes together via our website/booking system.

To summarise here's what summer is looking like so far:


Wednesday: Adult Outdoor Class - 7pm - 9pm Meet @ Southend Victoria
Thursday: Parkour sessions as a part of Hadleigh Park's Summer Activities. Visit their website for info.
Friday: Junior Beginners - 10am - 11:30am | Junior Foundations 12:00pm - 1:30pm @ Hadleigh Park - Junior Intermediates - 2:30pm - 4:00pm @ Southend.
Saturday: Adult Beginners Class - 9:00am - 10:30am @ Hadleigh Park (From 23rd July)


 Active Southend "Parkour in the Park" sessions - 10:30am - 12pm

Wednesday: Adult Outdoor Class - 7pm - 9pm Meet @ Southend Victoria
Thursday: Parkour sessions as a part of Hadleigh Park's Summer Activities. Visit their website for info.
Friday: Junior Beginners 10am - 11:30am | Junior Foundations 12:00pm - 1:30pm @ Hadleigh Park | Junior Intermediates 2:30pm - 4:00pm @ Southend: meet at Civic Centre area.
Saturday: Adult Beginners Class - 9:00am - 10:30am @ Hadleigh Park

As a note to make all users of Hadleigh Parkour Park aware, during arranged class times delivered by Southend Parkour and Hadleigh Park, the Parkour Training will be closed to the general public with only lass students having access.

Changes this/next week!

There are no Junior Classes running this Friday 1st July due to the ParkLives Launch event taking place in Chalkwell Park, feel free to join us in an open training opportunity around the Chalkwell Park Skatepark and nearby areas. Tuesday July 5th's Junior Class will not be running due to the first ParkLives session taking place at Chalkwell Park. Apologies for these changes.

More to come!

We've plenty of other exciting opportunities and events lined up which will be shared via the website and our social media channels so again, don't forget to like, follow and subscribe!

Friday, 10 June 2016

Classes for 10th June 2016 Cancelled

Tonight's classes will not be running due to an unexpected issue which needs attention. Emails went out to all who booked on with details! Please accept our apologies and see you next week!

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

7/6/16: TONIGHT'S Explore Movement Class Cancelled.

Please accept our apologies but we will not be running tonight's explore movement class at CHalkwell Hall Junior.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause, see you all again next week.

Monday, 6 June 2016

6th June 2016: June Newsletter!

Missed our newsletter? If you've not done so, head over to our website and click subscribe at the bottom of any of our webpages.

Here's June's newsletter.

Friday, 27 May 2016

27th May 2016: Shirt order form links sent!

Just as a heads up, we've just sent out shirt order forms to all who've attended a class within the last month if you're after our student-exclusive t-shirts! If you can't find the email and link, please drop us an email and we'll send it over to you.

Just as a reminder, next monday (30th May) we're at the Hadleigh Parkour Park launch and will not be running our Monday Explore Parkour session: Why not pop down and join us at Hadleigh instead!? -

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

25th May 2016: Hadleigh Parkour Park opening and tips for learning.

Ahead of the official opening of the Parkour Park in Hadleigh, I wanted to share a few thoughts for people who may be new or who have had little or no Parkour coaching. For many, this Park will be a first exposure to Parkour, so understanding more about the practice, it's training and how to use these types of environments, may help to learn safely, reduce risk and have fun.

In a positive learning environment; No-one would expect that because you have a bike and can ride it, you're ready to take the most difficult mountain bike route, on the same note, Parkour also needs time from its practitioners to learn, developing skills to prepare safely for the challenges ahead.

In order to aid safe learning and progression accessing the site, here a few points which should aid in keeping you safer and help you develop the fundamentals of Parkour movement: 
  • Low: Staying lower to the ground greatly reduces the risk related injury. Working on moving under obstacles develops spatial awareness, hand-foot coordination and controlled movement skills, essential for all other movements.
  • Slow: Reducing speed allows for you to have an ongoing feedback loop, able to learn and adapt your movement as it happens. Moving too fast, too soon often ends with movement with little understanding of what happened; reducing possible learning opportunities. As an example, running, jumping and swinging are high momentum and generally faster movements which automatically increases risk.
  • Keep it simple: Parkour is about doing simple things very well, get from one point to another and work to make that more effective. Being able to do simple movements well and consistently will develop the physical skills and understanding to progress onwards safely. 
Each single effective movement may just last a second, but is made of hours and hours of high quality practice.

We will be working closely with Hadleigh Park to provide beginners coaching sessions to help those new and interested across all ages to learn Parkour, alongside content to help learning both in and outside of coached sessions, keep up to date via and - You can also sign up to our newsletter for news straight to your inbox here:

Be safe and train smart and see you at the park!

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

W/C 23rd May and Half Term W/C 30th Updates!

Quick catch up for this week and next week!

Tonight: Explore Movement @ Chalkwell Junior - Only 2 spaces left.
Weds: Adult Outdoor - Good availability.
Thurs: Foundations @ Temple Sutton: Not running this week. (Sorry!)
Friday: Foundations @ St Bernard's: 6 Spaces left.
Intermediates: Spaces available (invite only)

There will be no adult indoor session this weekend and there will be no "Explore Parkour" session on the 30th due to the Hadleigh Park Opening event:
Event link here:

All other classes are due to run as normal throughout the half term.

Details will follow about a couple of Hadleigh Park coaching sessions over next week's half term so keep posted here for news and details!

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

May 18th 2016: Feedback: Let us know!

Constructive feedback is a key aspect of learning and improvement in all areas of life:

We always welcome feedback regarding our work; video content, blogs, newsletters, website, social media and of course; our coaching sessions. While we may not be able to change certain things, we absolutely will take suggestions on board and work to improve wherever possible for the benefit of our community.

To reflect on feedback provided over the past year, we have:

- Provided classes on several days a week
- Restarted adult indoor learning opportunities
- Created Summer classes/courses
- Improved timekeeping at classes
- Created new classes for different ages and levels of experience
- Provided video feedback for adult students
- Improved shirt print quality and design options (details to follow) 

- Covered specific health and safety related content ...AND MORE!

In short: we care about the learning of our students and developing Parkour in the local community and we want everyone to have the opportunity to #GiveParkourAGo

If you'd like to let us know anything good or not so good, please send us an email or message via the form on the website. Big thanks for all the support, advice and comments sent to us, we really do appreciate it. 

The Southend Parkour Team.

Friday, 13 May 2016

13th May'16: Parkour on the mind, mindset and movement - Part 1.

We've all missed the bottom step (or thought that there was another step to go and smashed your foot on the ground), tripped down a curb (or tripped/slipped on nothing at all). So why can we do such complex movements and what some may consider "dangerous" activities without a scratch and then sprain an ankle stepping down a curb.

There's plenty of detail we could go into regarding sport psychology but going to try to keep this short and practical. 

Mindset and Attention: In a perfect and ideal world we'd all be super-zen, always-present people, fully aware and ready for anything. The reality however, is not quite there... we have so much in daily life to focus on; work, training, shopping, breakfast, lunch, dinner, those errands we have to do on Tuesday, the rent, bills, (Insert endless list here)....

I would argue the best we can realistically do is do the best in the situations we are presented with. If we are walking to work/school, that is our task, so lets do that consciously and with our attention, if we're training Parkour, we are training Parkour. Each space, each movement, each goal is different. Of course, we still need to be aware of the things around us during our tasks, cars, bikes, people, weather, our bodies, our energy levels, our attention levels etc, but having and being clear about a goal helps us shift our attention to what matter most in our training, our movement and choices regarding our movement. 

When we are out (specifically) training Parkour, generally we're focused on that type of movement, jumping, landing, being ready; -- when we aren't, we aren't; so why should expect our bodies to be ready and able if mentally we aren't fully in the regular "training" mindset? (Read about Situational Efficacy in sport)

There are "simple" gross movements which could/can be done 'from cold', on the way to places but it's a different mindset and need to absolutely approach with caution, I say mostly weekly throughout classes that unless we are (specifically) focused on the task at hand, complacency creeps in which may end badly. That's not saying there's not valuable learning which could be had in everyday "on the way to school/work/home" movement, but is it worth the risk of not achieving the current goal....?

We must give all our movement the attention it deserves.
We are not superhuman, we are not perfect, we will make mistakes during our attempts to be mindful, not just in training but all areas of our lives. To be safe and effective in both movement and life we need to continue to asses and adapt to our environment and the situations presented. Not all movement is equal so we need to focus our attention in to the SPECIFIC situation and goal we are working towards.

With actively working on our physical and mental adaptation, we can make these choices more effectively and ensure we are in the right mindset for the right task/goal, half the battle when it comes to moving safely and effectively.

Monday, 9 May 2016

9th May '16 - May changes and summer schedule to follow.

No classes will be running on Thursday 26th due to a training course attendance in London, apologies for any inconvenience caused. On Monday 30th May (Bank Holiday), no "Explore Parkour" classes will be running due to the Hadleigh Park Parkour opening! Visit for the event page and details.

Hadleigh Parkour Park - Grand opening! - Event link:

If you are new to Parkour and looking to join our classes, from the 10/5/16 you will need to join our beginners session: "Explore Parkour" which will run on a Monday night from the 16th May 2016. This is to ensure each student has a good foundational level of movement and understanding before tackling our weekly foundations classes. Details can be found via the link below.

The schedule as it stands will be running up to the summer holidays and then our summer schedule will kick in at new locations across the local area. Details to follow.

Timetable and new weekly schedule from next week available via

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

4th May 2016: May the fourth be with you.

We've just sent out our May newsletter with details about new classes coming to Southend, including a 5-7 years class, an 8-15 years beginners class and a continuation of our Girls only St Bernards Students sessions!

Click here to read this newsletter.

Click here to join the mailing list to get future updates straight to your inbox!

Thursday, 28 April 2016

28th April '16: Big update on it's way... still...

Hi all, I just wanted to message to again let you know, new classes are in the works but we're pushing for some final details which will mean we can confirm it all in one whack rather than in pieces. Our new classes, of which, information will be going out via our newsletter (Sign up here), Facebook and Twitter AS SOON AS AVAILABLE.

While posting, don't forget our next ADULT indoor session for beginners and regulars is happening THIS SATURDAY! CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS AND BOOKING! - Your chance to #GiveParkourAGo

Apologies for the extended wait but we want to get ALL info out to you in one shot. Please sign up to our newsletter and news will Parkour it's way over to you as soon as finalised. Apologies for the wait but we believe it'll be worth it! - Thanks all! Brad

Friday, 22 April 2016

22nd April 2016 - Quick updates, newsletter to follow!

We're fully booked on Friday foundations for next week too (29th April) but you can always sign up to the waiting list for any full session via the booking system. 

Both foundations classes should have a few more spaces opening up due to students migrating to other classes (You will be told in class/via email if this applies to you).
Lastly, we'll be sending a newsletter out this weekend with updates, news and details regarding NEW upcoming classes and learning opportunities! Sign up by clicking HERE:

Friday, 18 March 2016

18th March '16: New Payment Provider

Following feedback from our current customers, we have moved our online payment provider over to Stripe instead of Paypal. This is good news as it means the total booking fee's attached to each individual or group booking will be reduced!

This should also mean that we have far fewer issues during the checkout process making it easier and quicker to pay online by your preferred card!

If you experience any problems or questions, please contact us here.

Friday, 11 March 2016

11th March '15: Did you miss out??

We've just sent out our current newsletter with updated details about class changes, new classes, website updates and more! 

If you haven't signed up to the mailing list already, click below to sign up and get important news straight to your inbox!




Monday, 29 February 2016

29th Feb 2016 - Changes to dates in March 2016.

Planned changes for March 2016: Friday the 18th and 25th* March 2016 will not be hosting any classes due to the hall at St Bernard's being unavailable for those nights, due to an event and Easter.

Apologies for an inconvenience caused.

(Updated on the 7/3/16)*

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

23rd Feb 2016: Limited timetable this week

This week's schedule is as follows:

Wednesday Adults Outdoor - Not running
Thursday Junior Indoor - Not Running
Friday Junior Indoor - Foundations and Intermediates running as normal.

Full schedule will resume from Wednesday 2nd March 2016.

Apologies for the changes over this and last week, thanks for understanding.

Further details can be found via our newesletter (check your inboxes, sign up here) , Southend Parkour Facebook and Twitter.

Many thanks and see you all again soon!

Brad Moss @ SP.

Friday, 12 February 2016

12th Feb 2016: Shoes, glorious shoes!

From day one in the UK scene, one of the first few questions when getting into Parkour is "what shoes should I get" and while the question itself does have some merit and value, it's a very loaded question with so much that could be said and considered.

Some of my current students have been asking questions recently on the subject so I thought I'd make a quick post sharing my suggestions/guidance for both current and future students to make an informed decision.

As much as the information below is here to help and inform, shoe choice is still a very personal preference to use this information as you see fit based on what and how you train.

1. Protection, Feel and Grip.

Protection: We're not built for hard surfaces so shoes offer protection against artificial textures and terrains which we wouldn't have experienced hundreds/thousands of years ago. In today's urban environment shoes support the protection of our feet against numerous hazards like glass, sharp stones and other rough/sharp objects, as well as certain movements which may hit, bruise or damage skin, joints or bones.

Personally, I have spent some considerable time training barefoot (Inside and outside) as a challenge, to toughen the skin on the feet, strengthen the feet and ankles through HAVING to use them more. This also helped develop a better understanding of my body's limitations in relation to the environments used. What you would and wouldn't do in terms of certain movement's/impacts really gets you thinking about what's best for your body both in and out of shoes. (If you plan to try going barefoot, get used to walking and strengthening the skin of the feet first, this can take weeks/months of committed bare-footing from my experience, as ever, do some googling and do some research!)

Some movements used in Parkour can include impact and sliding utilising the foot (think arm jumps), so having some protection when doing this on wood, bricks etc is useful, if not essential for some situations/larger impact movements. This is why it's generally always a good move to think smart about your movement and keep impacts lower/softer where possible to protect yourself.

Feel: As much as protection and an amount of absorbency (cushioning) is useful, we should also be making decisions about the suitability of each movement ensuring our choices are working WITH our body, not just using (and for some, abusing) it. Having an amount of sensitivity or "feel" through your chosen trainer is very important when surfaces/textures are vastly different from one terrain to another. A hard-solid sole for example would be difficult to wrap around a narrow bar/rail during balancing. Too much cushioning can/will also dampen the amount of feel and your sensitivity to your environment which may negatively affect your movements based on feel or the lack of.

Grip: This is perhaps the most focused on thing with a newer practitioner, mostly as strength and technique are still developing and techniques are being found difficult. Grip absolutely helps, however all surfaces will differ from one another, further affected by weather, temperature, paint types etc.... it's very difficult to find something that would grip (at all times) so it's important to note the limitations of our footwear and grip. Moving yourself effectively utilising what you've got rather than having the "perfect shoe" to depend on, I believe is a better approach. Strength and technique will improve your ability to use a variety of shoes so I'd suggest thinking about this rather than shaping your training/movements around the shoe and your dependence on it.

2: Examples of footwear:

As pictured above here are a small selection of preferred shoes currently. You will notice that all of these have some protection/abrasive resistant qualities around the toe/nose of the shoe which can be useful in protecting the toes from unplanned impact (Stubbing toes) and can stop the material developing holes exposing the toes to the elements.

Merrel/Vibram Shoes:

I picked these up in TK MAXX for around £20, Merrel are generally an off road,trail running company quite thick and beefy shoes. I found these slimmer, fitted shoes and was interested as they'd teamed up with Vibram for the sole of the shoe... they provide a number of soles for varying applications but you may have heard of their "vibram fiverfingers" and as such, pride themselves on creating a "natural feel" with regards to the soles of a shoe.

You will notice the soles look very "foot like" in shape with a very low profile/low cushioning and reasonably thick rubbered sole across the majority of the sole albeit in a few separate sections (Left to right: Orange heel section, yellow and orange forefoot). The fact that you have a grippy rubber sole for the width and length of the foot means wherever you land on your underfoot, you should have some grip. The separate rubber sections (not one solid piece) around the forefoot provide a very flexible shoe, moving well with the foot itself during crouching and (on-toes" movements, however, during certain movements (arm jumps), some sections of the yellow grip have pulled away from the shoe which could trip you up/ruin the shoe if not glued back down and repaired. Due to this happening often if you have separate sole sections, I tend to look for a whole grip sole such as in Fieyue's or seen in the Puma Naritas. That being said these are very comfortable which again, is an important element in general, if you feel comfortable it should translate into your movement.


"New feel" trainer from Decathlon:
I bought these out of necessity during my Level 2 Parkour Coaching certification week. I wore some very simple, light, shoes (Fieyue's: discussed later) and needed something with a bit more protection due to the amount of physical work being completed over the consecutive days. I was quite surprised how good I got on with these, as they were only around £15.

These shoes velcro-up which might not give as much stability at laces but fits well. There is good sole "rubber" coverage across the shoe apart from the arches but we shouldn't be landing there in general. The main thing to ensure is not hard plastic sections in the arches, because if you DO happen to misplace a landing on a rail and make contact with the plastic, you are either cracking it, or more likely sliding which rarely ends well when you are trying to grip/stick it. Again, a low profile good sensitivity and does the job for feel, grip and protection.


My favourite shoe at the moment, hands down. A very low profile sole/heel which supports a good sense of feel/sensitivity of your surfaced is futher supported by 2 large thin rubber soles which provide excellent grip (helped me up the warped all on Ninja Warrior UK) without running the risk of the soles pealing off like I mentioned with the Merrel shoes above.

The thinner cushioning and sole mean that with rail balancing you can really wrap your feet/toes around the bar to get better purchase and feel of whatever you are on. The only limitation I have found with these is that the soles grip (groove) are not too deep so can become slick after a few months which affect the grip in wet/slippery conditions moreso than when they are now, so be away when the pebble grip becomes worn.

Honorable mention for all.....
Fieyue Martial Arts Shoes: 

These are often used for Wushu, Tai Chi and other related martial arts, however, Parkour practitioners have adopted these as the are cheap, offer fantastic grip and feel, while having a low profile, feeling very natural on the foot.

American Parkour sell them via their site and in my opinion are the perfect blend for protection, sensitivity and grip. They force you to land better due to the limited cushioning and as long as you are listening to your body can support in strengthening the feet and ankles due to their basic nature. They stretch out to fit the foot quite well, once you find the perfect size for you, enjoy! The only real limitation is the sole can degrade quite quickly if you are doing big slidey arm jumps and wallruns, so these are more for small, technical movement training.

In conclusion:
"Barefoot is the best shoe" has been stated by David Belle and in my opinion, holds some merit, if you wouldn't do X, Y or Z movement out of shoes... perhaps you should be thinking about the impacts you are taking and is it the best thing for your body.

If you're looking for a shoe I recommend:

  • Low profile, low cushioning to ensure a good "feel" of your terrains. 
  • A solid, flexible, rubber sole that can move with your foot when flexing, and extending the toes and ankles.
  • Avoid shoes with plastic in the arches of the shoe.. plastic + metal = slide. (Not that you should be landing there anyway)
  • Avoid shoes with smaller glued sections of rubber sole, a larger one or two piece shoe (like the naritas) are less likely to pull/peel off. Make sure the rubber sole is on the majority of the soles.
  • Make sure you're comfortable in them.
  • Have a look at the build if you see things that might pull off, rip out or wear through quickly, perhaps keep hunting!
While there are some companies pushing out Parkour specific shoes, in my opinion, they often fall short and are pricey, the following options should be cheaper and fit for purpose.

Useful links:
(I've always had a very positive and prompt experience from these guys)

Puma Naritas: (Sports Direct Link)

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