Wednesday, 17 August 2016

17th August 2016 - Why (Scott Jackson) hates trampoline parks!

Scott Jackson over at TRAIN HARD Parkour and Freerunning has said something via this blog which needs saying and we are wholeheartedly behind the information and points raised via this blog regarding a large number of tramp-parks.
It's a tough thing having another example of Parkour being exploited and misrepresented so regularly with these spaces. Have a read and see what you think!
The concerning things for us a coaches and responsible Parkour practitioners is that, once again Parkour is potentially being taken for a ride, to earn a few places a quick buck, muddying the waters further as to what it is we ACTUALLY do...
We're already and STILL combating the: "Do a backflip", "That's Dangerous", "You shouldn't be doing that", "You must hurt yourself a lot", statements from individuals who don't know any better. 
Whether you're a Parkour student, parent of, or just someone who KNOWS more about what Parkour is and isn't, we need to make our voices heard, fight the good fight and educate further for future generations.
Head over to the blog here:

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