Monday, 22 August 2016

22nd August. September schedule to follow - Not quite ready yet!

We've lots of enquiries about September Term classes and schedule. 

We'll be releasing our updated schedule for booking over the next few weeks, so to avoid missing out please subscribe to our newsletter (via the bottom of any page of our website) and check back regularly via our news page for updates.

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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

17th August 2016 - Why (Scott Jackson) hates trampoline parks!

Scott Jackson over at TRAIN HARD Parkour and Freerunning has said something via this blog which needs saying and we are wholeheartedly behind the information and points raised via this blog regarding a large number of tramp-parks.
It's a tough thing having another example of Parkour being exploited and misrepresented so regularly with these spaces. Have a read and see what you think!
The concerning things for us a coaches and responsible Parkour practitioners is that, once again Parkour is potentially being taken for a ride, to earn a few places a quick buck, muddying the waters further as to what it is we ACTUALLY do...
We're already and STILL combating the: "Do a backflip", "That's Dangerous", "You shouldn't be doing that", "You must hurt yourself a lot", statements from individuals who don't know any better. 
Whether you're a Parkour student, parent of, or just someone who KNOWS more about what Parkour is and isn't, we need to make our voices heard, fight the good fight and educate further for future generations.
Head over to the blog here:

Monday, 15 August 2016

15th August 2016: Summer Update

Summer is well underway and we've had a fantastic turn out at Hadleigh and Across Southend for our summer classes, plenty of new faces at our beginners classes in particular which is great to see.

September Term-Time Schedule will be confirmed and available for booking over the next couple of weeks so don't panic, we're not due to start back up until the week starting 12th September. There may be a few changes to junior class scheduling compared to the 15/16 term so watch this space!

Adult Outdoor Classes this week will not be running both Wednesday or Saturday (17th and 29th August) This is due to time-constraints of an impending move of the Southend Parkour base of operations! 

Apologies for any inconvenience, any bookings made will be refunded for this week's adult classes.

We hope you've been enjoying our classes, if you've not done so already, please leave us some reviews via facebook and google, sharing your experience with us.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Tuesday 9th August: No Tiny Traceurs Class today, :(


Due to unforeseen circumstances there will be no 5-7 years class at Chalkwell Junior School.

All bookings will be transfered to next week unless specified. Please accept our apologies, enjoy the lovely weather and see you next week!