Monday, 5 September 2016

September 5th 2016 - Term Time Schedule is LIVE!

Our schedule for September 2016 term is now available for booking! There may be a few tweaks and additions to follow this week but this is the bulk of it! The attached image shows this week (from 5th September) with all junior classes starting back up from the 13th September.

Remember, all new students must attend the beginners course unless specified by the coaching team! (Emails to follow for the just-finished beginners cohort

Still to come: 
Start dates/location for Southend Junior Beginners Class/Course
Start dates Hadleigh Junior Foundations Classes

Details for any classes which you might be waiting on (as specified above) will be shared as soon as they're up! Look forward to seeing our regulars and newer faces at a class soon!

Our newsletter also went out with extra details and news, you can read it here and sign up to our mailing list on the right hand side of this blog page. 

Good luck back at school (Parents included!)

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