Wednesday, 18 May 2016

May 18th 2016: Feedback: Let us know!

Constructive feedback is a key aspect of learning and improvement in all areas of life:

We always welcome feedback regarding our work; video content, blogs, newsletters, website, social media and of course; our coaching sessions. While we may not be able to change certain things, we absolutely will take suggestions on board and work to improve wherever possible for the benefit of our community.

To reflect on feedback provided over the past year, we have:

- Provided classes on several days a week
- Restarted adult indoor learning opportunities
- Created Summer classes/courses
- Improved timekeeping at classes
- Created new classes for different ages and levels of experience
- Provided video feedback for adult students
- Improved shirt print quality and design options (details to follow) 

- Covered specific health and safety related content ...AND MORE!

In short: we care about the learning of our students and developing Parkour in the local community and we want everyone to have the opportunity to #GiveParkourAGo

If you'd like to let us know anything good or not so good, please send us an email or message via the form on the website. Big thanks for all the support, advice and comments sent to us, we really do appreciate it. 

The Southend Parkour Team.

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