Monday, 3 August 2015

3rd Aug 2015: Class Update & Parkour at Parliament.

Hi all! Brad here, hard to believe that it's coming up to a year since the adult outdoor classes started and it's been great to see so many people learning about and catching a real passion for Parkour and movement. I'm sure everyone who's been coming to classes has seen an improvement in movement ability alongside new friends and improved fitness. Keep it up and share what we're doing!

Class Changes:Being the first year SP is running classes over summer, there will be some last minute changes/cancellations if class bookings are quiet while students and families are way/on holiday. This is to ensure that good numbers are in attendance for students to enjoy classes together and to at least cover hall hire costs. To help avoid these late changes, please do book classes sooner than later.

The only date to mention in advance so far, is that there will be no classes on Friday 14th due to a hall booking error at St Bernard's. Any bookings already taken for this day will be refunded.
Parkour UK AGM
The Parkour UK AGM 2015 went well with a good representation of coaches from across the UK including the Parkour UK President Sebastien Foucan. There's plenty of exciting news including the continuation of Parkour being officially recognised by the UK's national sport bodies, further membership and insurance options not only for Parkour professionals but students.There's plenty of other exciting "behind-the-scenes" work/news which will be shared by out NGB in due course.

Parkour at Parliament!
Our Ninja Warrior UK and Parkour friends, Katie Mcdonnell and Shirley Darlington-Rowat met with Tracey Crouch from the Department for culture, media and sport to show and share what it's like to #givePARKOURaGO. This was a great high-level  opportunity to show the prevalence of Parkour in today's community, alongside the importance and growing amount of women in Parkour. Facebook post here:
Please continue to share the website and details about Southend Parkour with your friends and family so we can further expand the local Parkour community, developing fitness and exploring movement together.

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