Tuesday, 14 April 2015

14th April 2015 - Junior Class Update.

Over the next few weeks our Friday junior classes will be changing slightly to ensure the best learning experience for all of our students. Parkour is a very specific practice holding an important focus on strength, physical and mental resilience, endurance, adaptability, flexibility, technical ability, understanding, problem solving and confidence.

As such, we believe it is in our student's best interest to adapt our sessions to provide an improved offer for all. In short this means, over the next few weeks the following changes will be implimented:
  • Class 1 (From 6pm): Will be tailored for our newer/younger juniors with more games, movement and play-based activities and learning for Parkour.
  • Class 2: (From 7:20pm) For our older/more experienced juniors to challenge fitness and develop Parkour techniques. These classes will also expand on Parkour as a practice and our students understanding. (Suitability for this session will be decided by the coach and discussed with you over the next few weeks)
All details about these changes can be found on the website, available at www.southendparkour.com/classes

If you have any questions or would like to discuss further, please email info@southendparkour.com.

Thank you for the ongoing support this year and I hope this will provide a better and more enjoyable learning experience for our younger students.

Brad @ Southend Parkour

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